Natural Stone Cabinet Knobs

Typical size of our stone cabinet knobs range from 1" to 3" and a single block of natural stone can have a rainbow of colors.
Do you prefer consistent size, or a more random look? Is matching color throughout important or is variety the spice of life?

While all our knobs are natural products and are susceptible to color and size variations, we will do our best to meet your wishes. We take the time to smooth our knobs to a baby soft touch; all but the two river rock series. Mother Nature smoothed those.

The metal backing posts, or stems, are available in Brass, Stainless Steel, and Black Iron.

Following are the different stones we use in making our Natural Stone Knobs. By clicking on the underlined name you will see sample photos of how that type of stone looks as a knob.

Australian Jade

This stone is the deepest green only seen down under. An excellent match to forest greens, occasional lighter greens will lurk beneath the opaque surface. This Aussie stone is finished in a satin sheen.

Black River

The Black River series are riverbed stones of only black color. The color spectrum is the only consistent feature of this set as they are different textures, shapes, and sizes. Colors can vary from the light slates to dark charcoals. Smoothed only by streams, a low luster polish is added to provide the wet sheen.

Autumn Jasper

The deep burgundies and burnt yellows of this stone mimic the colors of Fall.

Cayenne Red

While this fiery red Jasper is burning to the eyes, its high gloss finish is cool to the touch. Occasional frosted white specs attempt to subdue the intensity, but fail.

Fossil Stone

The charcoal gray in this stone is highlighted with ancient white and coral sea life.

Harbor Blue

Aqua blue flows into sea green, the colors blend like the tides. The irony of this soothing stone is that it heralds from the parched Arizona deserts. The high gloss finish still appears wet to the touch.

Oak Stone - (Call for Availability)

Made from Picture Jasper, this high gloss stone mirrors oak grains. Placed side by side with mahogany tinted petrified wood, it is near impossible to see the difference.

Ocean Blue

Waves of navy blue are spashed with ripples of white and violet.

Oregon Jasper

The earthy hues found in this Jasper range from near white to olive and slate. Sedimentary layers, compacted over the ages, are finished in a high gloss sheen.

Petrified Wood - (Call for Availability)

A variety of petrified woods have transformed from prehistoric branches to modern stone hardware. This wood grained stone is smooth and highly polished. Colors can include jet blacks, bright oranges, deep oaks, and dusty grays within the same block. Color matching can be done for smaller orders. Ancient elegance is at your fingertips.

Script Stone - (Call for Availability)

This rare mineral is from the interior of India. The deep burgundy background is highlighted with nature's amber calligraphy. Finished with a satin sheen, the riches of India are within your grasp.

Sunset Stone

Swirling colors of burgundy and rose are the trademark appearance. Found in the rolling hills of Kanab, Utah, this Rhyolite mineral is also known as "Wonderstone". Chiseled to size and tumbled to a satin finish, Sunset will shine in any kitchen or bath.

Texas Night - (Call for Availability)

Flecks of red and blue crystals peer through an auburn granite only found in central Texas. A satin luster offers the subtle glow of a starry night.

Tuscan River

The Tuscan River series are riverbed stones, smoothed by water and time. No two are alike. A low luster polish is added to retain the river's wet hues, capturing a rainbow of colors in the stone. Variety highlights the cabinets and countertops with a garden of stone accents.