Custom Cabinet Knobs & Pulls

If you have your own block of slate, travertine, flagstone, or granite, let us turn them into your own custom cabinet knobs
and/or pulls.

Your block of slate or flagstone can be sanded to a knob or double post handle. Travertine can be sanded or tumbled to either as well.

Sanded Slate

Tumbled Travertine

Sanded Flagstone

Sanded Slate with Double Post

We are open to client suggestions, like these Crystal knobs and pulls.  Share your ideas and see if we can make them real.


Customized Slate, Travertine, or Flagstone

Sanding retains top surface contours and color. One square foot yields approximately 30 knobs. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Customized Granite

We can take your block of granite and create a custom Contemporary Series, Designer Series or Integral Series knob and/or pull. A 4" square yields approximately 3 knobs/pulls. Thickness is .75" to 1.0". Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.

Please call us at (512) 400-5700 or send an email to for pricing.