Cabinet Hardware - Natural Stone and Granite Knobs / Pulls

Maguire's cabinet hardware are knobs and pulls made from natural stone and granite. Each one is hand picked, chiseled to size, and polished until smooth.Stone knobs can blend wilth cabinetry or create a nice contrast.

Hand made, not man made.

Our stone cabinet knobs are the perfect complement to tile, granite, and manufactured stone countertops. Highlight your kitchen, bath, and office cabinetry with stone cabinet knobs of bursting color or gentle blends.

We design our stone cabinet knobs to withstand everyday abuse. The structural integrity of each unit is increased by drilling into the stone for mounting. Shearing forces as a result of side impacts are absorbed by the mounting post inside the stone. This design is different from other manufacturers who only epoxy flush surfaces.

Explore our different designs and pick the cabinet knob that fits your decor the best. Remember, we do custom designs too.

Natural Stone Cabinet Knobs view all natural stone cabinet hardware

Australian Jade Stone Cabinet Knob
Black River Stone Cabinet Knob
Cayenne Red Stone Cabinet Knob
Fossil Stone Cabinet Knob
Harbor Blue Stone Cabinet Knob
Ocean Blue Stone Cabinet Knob
Oregon Jasper Stone Cabinet Knob

Granite Cabinet Knobs view all granite cabinet hardware

Absolute Black Granite Cabinet Knob
Almond Mauve Granite Cabinet Knob
Baltic Brown Granite Cabinet Knob
Black Galaxy Granite Cabinet Knob
Blue Pearl Granite Cabinet Knob